Spirited Sessions: Halifax Bartending: History, Present & Future

Halifax! Sovereign Canda is bringing it's Spirited Sessions to you, a monthly gathering that aims at providing education and value to our diverse and tight-knit bar community. Having mostly been executed out in western Canada, Sprited Sessions has proven to be a highly successful and popular source for community development.

This months Spirited Session will be held by Halifax bartender and Sovereign Brand Manager, Evan McNeil and will focus on the City of Halifax and it's bartending history, present, and future. We will take a deep-dive into disucssing the last 30 years of this city's bar landscape and the personalites that got us here. So join the iconic names of Brad MacDonald, Donnie MacKinnon, Cooper Tardivel, Sarah Gallinaugh, Jenner Cormier, and Shane Beehan as we walk through the pubs and lounges of the 80s and 90s, the martini bars of the 2000s, and our current landscape of diverse cocktail bars, craft beer bars, and cabaret's. We'll touch on everything from what it takes to maintain longevity in this industry, the cultural impact of dollar drinks from the dome, cocktail compeitions, management and bar ownership, the growth of the cocktail in Halifax, and much more. Let's gain perspective on how we got where we are today by taking a look at what used to be.

Spirited Sessions is always a free event aimed at community gowth and development, just rsvp for your spot for what is sure to be an inspiring and educational seminar.