Nomination Committee

Chair: Costa Elles, Ela! Greek Taverna 

Committee members: Gordon Stewart, RANS & Leah Boody, Pineapple Bytes 

Executive Committee

1. President: Dan Tanner, Tanner & Co. Brewing                      

2. Past President: Costa Elles, Ela Greek Taverna    

3. Vice President: Mike Carey, Durty Nelly's                       

4. Secretary /Treasurer: Leah Boody, Pineapple Bytes  

5. Gordon Stewart, RANS, Executive Director (ex-official)                              

Board Members

1. Gary Muise, Axe Management Group

2. Mark Gabrieau, Gabrieau's Bistro

3. Bill Pratt, Cheese Curds

4. Andrew Stevens, NSCC

5. Jillian Major, NSLC

6. Adam Bower, Grand Banker Bar and Grill

7. Ardon Mofford, Governor's Pub and Eatery

8.     Hakan Uluer, Bertossi Group

9.   Norm Mensour