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About RANS

RANS, short for the Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia, is a non-profit organization dedicated to effectively advocating for the sector's interests. RANS through various means such as government lobbying, marketing promotions, partnerships, education and community engagement has been creating a favorable operating environment for its members of the Food and Beverage sector since 1947.

A permanent office and staff are maintained to support the association, which represents food and beverage operators and industry suppliers, consisting of approximately 3400 eating establishments with over 26,000 jobs in Nova Scotia.   

RANS supports owners and operators through business services and government liaison activities. Most recently, this advocacy has contributed to initiatives such as patio extension grants and the inclusion of dogs in outdoor eating spaces.       

Members of RANS receive additional benefits in the form of discounts on supplies and services through our benefit suppliers. RANS has approximately 300 members around the province. Our membership base includes a variety of food and beverage based businesses from small scale seasonal operators to large scale year-around hospitality businesses. If you are interested in learning more about RANS membership, you can read our full membership guide here.   

In addition to directly supporting the industry, RANS also leads several volunteer committees which support the food and beverage industry through research, education, communication, and our well known events such as the Savour Food & Wine Festival.   

Though our staff are based in Halifax, RANS supports the food and beverage industry across the province. According to Tourism Nova Scotia, our world-famous seafood culture, as well as the abundance of craft beverages available, are two of the top ten reasons visitors come to our province. RANS is here to support industry members in serving the local community of our growing province, as well as the increasing number of visitors coming to Nova Scotia each year.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to RANS. Thank you.               


Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia

2830 Agricola Street, Unit 1

Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Office: (902) 429-5343

Email: info@rans.ca