Code of Service

  • We will provide courteous, pleasant service and attempt to fulfill all our guests' meal requests.
  • We will strive to offer service in a timeframe important to patrons and their guests.
  • We will serve safe food in accordance with all food standards and regulations.
  • We will operate in compliance with all applicable government regulations. 
  • We will ensure safe and proper handling, storage and preparation of all the food and beverages we serve.
  • We will be conscious of the environment and participate in proper waste management practices. 
  • We will accommodate special diet needs and food sensitivities wherever possible.
  • We will enjoy welcoming you as guests in our establishments.

    If for any reason you feel a member restaurant is not operating in accordance with our mission, please contact: the Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia (RANS) 2830 Agricola Street, Unit 1, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3K 4E4