For A Safe and Thriving Nightlife

The Patron Accountability Safety and Service (PASS) program is a bar suspension program wherein if a patron is suspended from one bar, lounge or nightclub participating in the program, they will be added to a list that suspends them from all businesses participating in the program. It is to prevent problematic patrons from “barhopping” and causing issues at more than one establishment. PASS is open to all establishments, not just members of RANS, and is intended to protect the businesses, staff and patrons to create a safe and thriving nightlife in the Halifax Regional Municipality.  

The PASS program was launched in January 2012 and ran successfully until Covid-19 in 2020. We are now relaunching the program in a 2-phased approach for 2023-2024. It is under the administration of the Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia (RANS) with the participation of local establishments across HRM, the Halifax Regional Police Liquor Enforcement Unit, and the Alcohol and Gaming Department of Nova Scotia. 

Privacy: The PASS program shares information with key staff (owners, managers, door staff) between participating establishments including the name (if known), description of a patron and the incident that led to their suspension. This information is collected and disseminated from RANS, which administers the program, and is not used for any other purpose. An individual’s information is only kept for the duration of their suspension. 


Appeal: If a suspended patron believes that they have been unduly added to the PASS suspension list, they can appeal the process with the PASS Management Committee and the owner or manager of the establishment where the original incident took place. Please note: Many establishments have their own suspension lists, and the PASS program appeal process cannot affect the decisions of individual establishments. 

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