Primary Research

Exit Survey 2022 Results

The Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia (RANS) was interested to gather data to help gain insight as to why

employees have left the restaurant industry. With significant labour shortages occurring in our sector, this information has helped us to determine what employees value in the workplace and to provide recommendations for potential recruitment and retention solutions.

Exit Survey 2022 Results

Labour Impact Survey 2022

The Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia (RANS) is conducting a survey to help determine some of the impacts of the significant labour shortage the food and beverage industry is experiencing. 

The Survey is now closed. Results expected in 2023

Secondary Research

Tourism NS Culinary Survey 2019

Narrative Research assembled data on behalf of Tourism Nova Scotia from surveying over 1000 Nova Scotian visitors to get an idea of what and how they are eating. 

Culinary Survey 2019 Results