"For almost 10 years, our restaurants have been proud members of RANS.  We’ve received operational cost savings from their preferred partners, excellent marketing opportunities, and most importantly invaluable guidance and direction when dealing with government bodies.  RANS has been a major factor to our success and identifying opportunities"

~ Mike Carey, Legendary Hospitality


“The Murphy Hospitality Group has been a RANS member for three years now. As a new company to Nova Scotia, RANS was a great network for us to connect with other companies in our industry, get information about the industry to help us make educated decisions and participate in events to help get our name out there. The restaurant industry can be very challenging so it’s great having an association work for you to help you grow your business!”

~ The Murphy Hospitality Group

"RANS' guide is indispensable to the first-time restaurateur struggling with the impenetrable bureaucracy and less glamourous aspects of the build-out and smooth operation of a successful restaurant. Questions of garbage removal, reading your lease properly, inventory, and costing are all addressed concisely and do well to open your eyes to everything running a restaurant entails."

~ Joe Gurba, The Watch That Ends The Night

“How to Own and Operate a Restaurant” manual was an essential tool in creating and developing the FOH and BOH plans. I would recommend anyone thinking of getting into this business to get through the first several pages. If you can make it through with your head held high you are ready for the work that follows."

~ Troy Arseneault, The Anchor 

"The resources I have access to through RANS allow me to enhance my current business and to explore potential paths for the future."

~ Tanya, DaMaurizio