Craft Beer Festival

Welcome to the Yarmouth Craft Beer Festival, where beer lovers from all over south-western Nova Scotia come together to celebrate the best in local and regional craft beer.

On June 1st, 2024, join us at the Rodd Grand Convention Centre as we host an unforgettable event that will showcase craft breweries, ciders, distilleries and more. From traditional ales to experimental IPAs, there’s something for everyone at the Yarmouth Craft Beer Festival including non-alcoholic options.

With live music, snacks, and a lively atmosphere, the Yarmouth Craft Beer Festival is the perfect place to discover new flavors and connect with other craft beer enthusiasts.

And if you’re looking to take home some of the festival’s magic, we’ve got you covered as everyone gets to take home their sampling glass and other merchandise will be available to take home with you.

The Yarmouth Craft Beer Festival promises to be an evening of great beer and fun. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this unforgettable experience.