Vegetable Parcels

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Chef Geir Simensen, Scanway Catering

2 new red potatoes
½ small leek
2 cloves garlic
12 baby carrots
Green onions
1 tbs. of dill
1 tbs. of parsley
1 tbs. of basil
Couple of shots of Chipotle Tabasco
Ground pepper
2 tbs butter

Preheat barbeque to low to medium heat.  Chop potatoes into medium sized pieces.
Clean leek and chop cross-length.  Chop green onions and herbs.  Combine all ingredients and toss in a bowl. Place in a tinfoil square taking care not to rip. (Make sure the fold is on top.)

Allow to cook for about 45 minutes giving them a toss or a shake occasionally to mix up.  Open the parcel (watch for steam!) to make sure they are not burning. Either serve in parcel or remove.

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