Sweet-Spicy Barbequed Spareribs

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Chef Mark Gabrieau



2 Tbsp             ground cumin

2 Tbsp             ground coriander

¼ cup               paprika

¼ cup               minced garlic

¼ cup               roughly chopped fresh cilantro (or substitute parsley or oregano)

¼ cup               lightly packed brown sugar

2 Tbsp             kosher salt

2 Tbsp             freshly cracked black pepper

2  full racks 3/ down pork spareribs (3 lbs each) back ribs are ½ this weight

Mix all ingredients except ribs, creating a rub. 

Rub on ribs and let marinate for 2 hours.  Then bake or barbecue for 3 ½ hours at 200*F. If you bake first then finish on the barbecue for 20 minutes to caramelize.    
Alternatively you can blanch the ribs in stock until fork tender, then cover with the rub and barbeque. 

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