Barbecue Cheese Pulls

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  Slice a round loaf into 1-inch slices, cutting almost,                
but not completely, 
through bread. Turn loaf 90 degrees and repeat, creating fingers.
2.  Spread 1 cup Cheez Whiz Spread between slices.
3.  Wrap loaf in heavy-duty aluminum foil and place on upper rack of 
barbecue. Close lid; cook for 15 min. on medium heat.
4.  To serve, unwrap and pull fingers starting at edge of loaf,working towards 
the centre. 
Serves: 10 .

User Tips : > Spread garlic butter in between and shredded cheddar cheese.

                  > For Cutting - place a wooden spoon beside the bread.
                    Cut down to the wooden spoon (to get the "almost" slice) - it stops you from 
                    cutting all the way through and makes it really quick and easy to do! 


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