Bulgogi (Korean Barbecued Beef)

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3 pound beef tenderloin, finely sliced teriyaki-style 
(I have also used flank steak, sliced
thinly across the grain)

1/2 cup dark soy sauce
1/4 cup sugar
3 garlic cloves, finely chopped
4 scallions (or green onions) finely chopped
1 inch fresh ginger, grated
2 TBSPS sesame oil
2 TBSPS toasted sesame seeds

1 cup kimchee pickle (Korean chili-powder cabbage pickles)
30 crisp lettuce leaves (can use Boston or Bibb lettuce)
2 Asian pears (nashi), crisp apples, or nectarines, cut into wedges
8 scallions, cut in strips lengthwise
2 TBSPS toasted sesame seeds

Put all the marinade ingredients into a shallow bowl, add the beef slices, and turn until well
coated. Chill for 30 minutes.

Assemble all the serving accompaniments in separate bowls before cooking. Heat a bulgogi
pan, stove-top grill, or skillet until very hot. Using tongs, add the beef sliced, one at a time, to the hot surface. Let cook until aromatic, then turn and cook the other side. 

NOT TAKE LONG! (The outside should be caramelized and the insdies succulent and tender, but cook it longer if you prefer.)

To serve: Each person takes a lettuce leaf, adds a piece or two of beef, and their choice
of kimchee, pears, apples, scallions, and sesame seeds as garnishes, all rolled up in the lettuce leaf.

Source: www.grouprecipes.com/s/korean-bbq

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