Summer Berries with Triple Sec Sabayon

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Summer Berries with Triple Sec Sabayon

Canadians love their berries and summer is harvest time for these pint size bundles of joy. Impress your party guests with this simple to make, yet fancy to serve creation made with local and seasonal fruit.

1 pint (568 mL) raspberries
1 pint (568 mL) strawberries, hulled and halved
1 pint (568 mL) blueberries
8 tbsp (15 mL) sugar
6 large egg yolks
4 tbsp (60mL) triple sec

1. Bring about 2 inches of water to boil in a small pot. Select a bowl that fits on the pot without touching the water. Set bowl aside. In a separate bowl, gently toss berries with 2 Tbsp sugar. Set aside.
2. In the first bowl, using an electric mixer, whisk together egg yolks and the remainder of the sugar, until pale yellow. Set over pot of simmering water and mix egg mixture thickens significantly.
3. Drizzle in triple sec and continue to whisk, until sabayon has increased in volume and is light and airy, about 10 – 15 minutes. Remove from heat. Place berries into serving bowls or glasses and pour over sabayon mixture.

Yield: Serves 8

Nutritional Analysis per serving:
5.7g fat - 1.6g saturated
4.4g protein
29.9 carbs
32.4 sugar
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