Zurich Veal

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Chef Le Caveau, Grand Pre Wines

 600 grams        Cleaned Veal (Top Round) 
100 grams         Finely Diced onion 
200 grams         Mushrooms Quartered 
75 ml                  White Wine 
200 ml                Whipping Cream 
25 grams           Butter 
Salt and Pepper

1)      Slice veal into thin pieces 2 ½ cm x 2 ½ cm against the grain
Heat frying pan and add 3 Tbsp of good vegetable oil or peanut oil
Add veal to pan and sear for 1-2 minutes then remove from pan
Add butter and onion to pan, add mushrooms, season with salt and pepper, deglaze with white wine, boil for a minute then add whipping cream
Season to taste
6)      Add meat just before serving and bring back to a boil

Serves 4

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