A Valley Breakfast

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Chef Eden Valley Farms

Source: Wanda Balsor Further Processing Plant
Cook Time: 15 minutes Number of Servings: 8

 12 Whole Eggs
 1/2 Cup Green Pepper
 1/2 Cup Red Peppers
 1 Whole Onion
 Dash Salt
 Dash Pepper
 3/4 Cup Milk
 12 Whole Mushrooms

Prepare and chop in small pieces the red peppers, green
peppers, mushrooms and onion.  Fry in a small amount of
cooking oil for 15 minutes.  Beat the eggs together with milk. 
Cook eggs in a frying pan with enough butter to keep eggs
from sticking, continuously stirring until done.  Add the
peppers, mushrooms and onion.  Serve.

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