Honey Bee Ice Cream Parlour
HONEY BEES Honey Bees - Japanese/Korean Restaurant, Juice Bar & Ice Cream Parlor Sonia Park and Troy Lawrence met on the streets of Montreal, a Meca for both Cultural and Food Diversity. Little did they know that 22 years later, they would be happily married, with 2 wonderful children, and operating, together, “An Inclusive Cultural Food Beehive”, called Honey Bees, in Yarmouth Nova Scotia…WOW! Troy was born in Halifax, raised in Yarmouth, is bilingual and has a Business degree from Acadia University which explains why his entrepreneurial drive is so high. Sonia was born in South Korea, lived in South America, and later immigrated to Montreal Canada. This worldly experience and her parents being business owners, contributed to Sonia heightened interpersonal skills, and her ability to speak 5 different languages. As diverse as their backgrounds may be, one thing is for sure, the pairing is magic. Their passion for life and inviting personalities are evident to anyone who has dawned their establishment. The menu is inspired from Sonia’s Asian upbringing. Sonia and her Brother, “Celebrity & Executive Chef Antonio Park” (CHEF ANTONIO PARK | Montreal Chef), have been involved in the Hospitality industry for over 2 decades. Chef Antonio Parks influence, married with Sonia’s diverse cultural expertise at all operational levels, and Troy’s Entrepreneurship elevates the experience. Stay tuned for the introduction of Chef Parks products being displayed and sold at Honey Bees starting - Summer 2022! Thanking you in advance. Sincerely, Troy Lawrence
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